What Should a CRM for University Admissions Include?

Are you a leader in a university admissions program? Have you ever heard of CRM software? The latter is usually not linked to the former, but it should be. The video gives insight into the nature and benefits of CRM, and it is easy to see the uses of CRM for university admissions.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is an efficient way to manage leads (the people interested in your business) and existing customers.

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CRM comes in the form of software. Its aim is to help you improve relationships with customers through retention and acquisition. In a university setting, your customers are your students. CRM can help you acquire qualified candidates interested in attending your university. It can also help you retain students who have already matriculated until they have completed a two or four-year degree.

Although designed primarily for commercial enterprises, CRM can be adapted to the needs of a university admissions department. You will be able to get rid of the archaic spreadsheet and email system you have been using and install a fully integrated software system. This will help you better organize data and track and follow up on admissions leads. Now you know how CRM can be used in university admissions departments.


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