Should I Move My Children to a Private Elementary School That Focuses on Technology?

Are you thinking about sending your kids to a private elementary school? This can be a very emotional decision. But, as is rightly said in the video, you should divorce yourself from the emotions involved and focus on the practicalities.

The first thing to consider is whether you can afford it. Some parents dig themselves into a financial hole to send their kids to a private school because they believe the kids will get a better education.

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First, you should not starve your kids just to send them to private school. Second, not all private schools are superior to public schools. You should research the schools you are looking at. How many of their graduates go to college? How well do the students do on state exams? Look at the statistics. This will tell you whether it is worth sending your children there.

If you are motivated to send your kids to a private elementary school because of religious or philosophical beliefs, do not assume that they will somehow be shielded from the world. Your kids will only grow up to be good adults if you parent them. This is not something you can expect the school to do for you.

You should now have enough information to make this critical decision.


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